Just some of our new wall displays :)
Our Hickory Dickory Dock clock.
Our clocks to help us tell O'Clock times.
Our clocks to help remind us when Play time, Lunch time and Home time happens.
Our 'Keep Trying' People.
Our 'Picture Graph' showing the types of shoes we wore to school one day.
Our 'Bar Graph' showing the different ways we brought our lunch to school (we also showed the different lunch box colours and who bought lunch from our School Canteen).

On this page, you will see what the inside (and sometimes the outside) of our classroomlooks like each term. We will try to keep photos updated. Our classroom environmentreflects and 'shows-off' some of the work we have covered throughout the term and all workis replaced each term.
Look at some of the art we have done since Term 1 has started...

Our 'N' Planes on PhotoPeach

Our Word Planes

Our Descriptive Dog Stories on PhotoPeach

Describing our Dogs

Describing the Grumpy Cat on PhotoPeach

Describing our Grumpy Cat

Our Ducks on PhotoPeach

Our Ducks after reading 'Three Little Ducks'.

T1 on PhotoPeach

Welcome to T1's Class...at the beginning of the year!We have a whole term to fill our class with wonderful art an storiescreated by the children in T1!
T1's Green Card Gallery Wall on PhotoPeach

Our Green Card Gallery Wall.
Our class in 2011.