End of Term 4!!!To all Parents and Families, please have a wonderful and safe Merry Christmas! I will miss all our children and our families that I have had the'best luck' to meet and work alongside. I wish all our children andfamilies 'all the best' for the future and know our children willhave the best 'new' teacher in the world!
Lots of love and smilesMiss Lafaelle
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Welcome Back Everyone!I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.New notices feature after this Close Up video clip about Point England School from Auckland, sokeep scrolling down :)
Jump Rope for Heart - Term 4
Jump Rope for Heart Day on PhotoPeach

Parents and Families,Have you ever wondered why schools are beginning to take a more 'focused peep' at ICTand many of the tools available today as a step towards educating children?Why all this talk about ipods, ipads, computers 'this and that'?
This video link from Close Up, TVNZ is about Point England School,a decile 1 school from Auckland who have embraced ICT in an amazing way.Click on the picture :)
Our school is still in its infancy stage of using ICT, but we have started the journey.

Term 3:
Oops! I have realized I have not been posting any notices here since returningfrom the holidays! Since starting, we have had a Duffy Theatre Show thatwas quite entertaining, an assembly hosted by TA2 and a new personwho started in Week 1 - Kenneth Paul, Hunter's younger brother!

Children have been working hard since starting back and we are already beginningto prepare art work for our big Art n' Craft Day next term! We will keepyou posted about this special day.
Week 10, Term 2:Happy birthday to Sam, who started this week! :)The last week of the term is finally here! Your children have worked very hard thisterm and are soon to get a 'well deserved holiday'!

Week 9, Term 2:*Off to Kelly Tarlton's this week!We are to be at school by 7:15am so we have plenty of time to check that all children areat school, that the teachers have all their items and equipment and so we can packthe bus. Hopefully we will leave school at 8:00am.
Happy birthday to both Hope and Josef, who started school this week! :)
The Agenda:*The Auckland Zoo*Kelly Tarlton's*A Playtime and lunchtime stop on the way throughRotorua and Hamilton.
Week 8, Term 2:*Hui for Parents who are coming on our Kelly Tarlton's trip:
This Thursday 14th June...a notice would have come home.The hui is to discuss our trip, what we will be doing on the trip and other 'bits 'n pieces'.Sorry to our other Parents that we couldn't have with us in theSchool Van...we just haven't the room .*A 'what to bring' list has gone home today (Tuesday 12th June) to letParents know what to pack for their child/ren.

Week 7, Term 2:Happy Birthday to Alonzo who turned 5 years old on the 4th June!Alonzo is Indie's brother. Indie is in T2 :)
*Pod Hui regarding our Kelly Tarltons Trip, T3, 5:00pm.*Discuss any new information. RAM sheets to be viewed, taken home and returned toschool signed. Hopefully Equipment sheets to also go home this week or next week.
*Meat and Veges Raffle drawn this Friday, 8th June! Good luck!!!*Sorry, RAM sheets (a lot of pages!), and a list of what children need to taketo Auckland will come home at the end of this week. RAM sheets need tobe viewed, signed and returned to school. A notice for you to fill in regarding if youwould like to come (depending on numbers...sorry) and a contact number to providethe staff (even if you are not coming on our trip) so we can contact you after hours if need be.You will get a list of contact numbers of the staff membersfor you to contact us in case of an emergency.
Week 6, Term 2:
*Our School-wide Cross Countryevent is this Thursday 31st May with the
kick-off being at about 1pm-ish. If it should rain, the postponementday is for Friday (the next day) at about the same time.
Week 5, Term 2:*Pod Hui regarding our Kelly Tarlton's Trip, 5:30pm*Our trip is scheduled for the 20th to 21st June, Wednesday to Thursday.
It is an overnight stay at Kelly Tarltons!!!If you missed the meeting, we have another one scheduled for Week 7, Tuesday 5th Juneat the same time :)
Week 4, Term 2:*Happy Birthdays!!!Happy Birthday to Aaliyah and Hunter who are both turning 6 years old! YAY!
*We have had ourE.R.O. visitorsin the school and our staff have had a few discussionsabout E.R.O. findings which will be submitted later in a report to be accessedfrom the M.O.E. website.
*Our Pod has aParent/Whanau Hui next Tuesday 22nd May, at 5:30pmregarding an intended field trip to Kelly Tarltons. A good Parentturn-out would be appreciated so we could give information aboutwhat we (the staff) would like to do and what our family-body'think' about the trip details and we would like to hearyour views. :)

*Lost Property:so much of it! Our piles are growing biggerand bigger. Mrs Martin-Paling has agreed to wash the pile andMr Rangihika will get rid of the clothing if unclaimed (thesemay be given to families, to the Salvation Army, toWomen's Refuge...to somebody! LOL)
Week 3, Term 2:

*We have our E.R.O Visitors arriving next week. They will be observing Classes in action over the week! :)*Don't forget to have a look at 'Term 2' topics by clicking on this title in the left-hand menu bar.
Week 2, Term 2:

*To find out what our new topic study is, scan this QR code :)

A holiday QR Code Message :)
Week 10, Term 1:*QR Code Message for Week 10
*Our Class Visit to Putauaki Kindy for an Easter Hunt
T1 and TA1's Putauaki Kindy Visit for Easter on PhotoPeach

Week 9, Term 1:*QR Code Message for Week 9

*W1 assemblyhas now been changed to next Wednesday 4th April.The time for the assembly to start is still to be confirmed.We can't wait to see what wonderful items W1 has planned for us.
Taken from school.discoveryeducation.com
*Duffy Assembly - is also on the same day in the afternoon.Our visitor was Kingi Biddle - you may remember Mr Biddle from the 'Vogels Bread ador from the cooking show, 'Kai-time' or 'Kai on the Road'.
Duffy Assembly Term 1 on PhotoPeach

Children will be getting 2 books this term!

Week 8, Term 1:
*Junior Swimming Sports - was cancelled due to the weather.wet_weather.png
Week 7, Term 1:*Fun 4 U Day** - 14th March from 1:00pm to 2:40pm at our school, on thefield and the astroturf. Organised by Exia and her helpers. Exia works forSport Bay of Plenty and was in the NZ Women's rugby team.

*TA6's assembly this Friday - 11:30am Start
Week 8 Comments:The assembly was an awesome display of senior children at their best!Cleverly thought out and funny video clip advertisements made byMr Rangihika and the kids! I hope to get a sample of this an uploadhere for your viewing! Also...Mr Rangihika included the whole school andparents visiting the assembly in his proposal to Whaea Kim!!!
Congratulations :)
Week 6, Term 1:
T1's assembly! We had our assembly on Friday with the help of T2 and T3 bigger buddies.Parents and families were invited to view our children speaking on the microphone, singing anddancing in front of the school. Parents also got to see a quick video (put to one of Harold's songs)that our class and our buddies made that week - a very simple one.

Week 5, Term 1:WOW! Only another 5 more weeks to go until the end of Term 1!This week, T1 along with some T3 and T2 buddies, have been practising for theT1 assembly. Assembly is Friday 3rd March, 11:30am start in the School hall.We have been practising to say our lines, speak clearly and at an appropriatespeed, hold the microphone correctly all in front of an audience!Our children have also been practising their assembly 'dancing-boogies'especially on the small stage - thank goodness it is long!
Week 4, Term 1:*Swimming has started and we only have 1 more day to go, this coming Friday(please be a lovely sunny day! Fingers crossed!).

Swimming....So Far! on PhotoPeach

*No Bikewise this week! Too much rain! We will keep you posted whenour school will attempt to have Bikewise day again. :)
Week 8 Comments:Bikewise day did go ahead and the weather held out long enoughfor kids to have a go. Here are a few pictures of our kids havinga 'go'.
Anthony giving Ajay a helping hand.

Whaea Sharon giving Ajay a hand.
Here come Michael, Ajay and Whaea Sharon!

Michael waiting to tag Tamati's hand to finish!

The boys waiting for their partners to come home.

Michael and Hamish with their prizes.

*T1 Assembly might be next week on Friday...we have just started to practiceboth of our items but not the talking parts yet! We are hoping to have a betteruninterrupted week next week! I will keep you posted when our assemblywill be - hopefully next Friday at 11:30am-ish or the followingFriday at the same time.
Week 3, Term 1:*Swimming for Tarawera Pod starts next week but will on be on these days:Monday 20th FebruaryTuesday 21st February andFriday 24th February.A Kindy group is also booked in to share our swimming time on Wednesdayafternoons and there is not much room to swim in both pools so we have opted not to swim on Wednesday. Another school has the Thursday afternoon slot.
Lunch will be early on these days so please, no bought lunches.We will begin walking at 12:30pm. Swimming starts at 1:30pm.We will be catching the bus back to school.
*The 'Hiwi the Kiwi' show was on Wednesday and the children had agreat time singing and dancing with 'The Minstrel and Mrs Minstrel'. This year's message was about 'Caring for the Sea'. He talked about fishing, fishing safely, what items you would take when you went fishing, how to know what size fish you are allowed to keep and the list goes on...all in an hour and a bit!
A big 'Welcome back' to all our children and families.I hope you all had a wonderful and fun-filled holiday with your children.
*Notices/Stationery: Will be out this Thursday as per usual. Stationery lists will be home this week. I have edited your lists as many of you still have books from 2011. The NE packs are available for brand new children as well as children being asked to get a few extra books.
*ICT Forms: These are coming home and will be issued to every child. Please discuss these forms with your child/children and the use of computers. Teachers are also discussing safety and issues around using computers at school. Without these forms, children will not be able to use the computer in class. We are also asking for permission to use your child's image on class wikispaces and in newsletters - you DO NOT have to agree to this! If you are uncomfortable with any images being used, this is OK. On our class wiki, only images of your child's work will be posted. :)
*Swimming:Swimming is meant to start soon. We are unsure about times and which week our Pod has access to the town pools. We will keep you posted as soon as we can.
*Lunches:When ordering lunches, please ensure your child still has something to eat at Interval (10:40am t0 11:00am).
*Extra Clothing:Please can your child come equipped with extra clothing in case of small accidents? I have a small personally owned, 'stash' of clothes that I can use, unfortunately these do not always come back. We may also have some afternoons where our class will go outside to play in the sprinklers on hot afternoons or when the children are having 'water play', and will need a change of clothing.
*Hats:Our children are encouraged to wear hats at school. The accepted hat is a wide brimmed hat or bucket hat.We are not encouraging children to wear caps to school.
Thank you :)