We used the template below for both a giraffe and goat.After visiting Harold the Giraffe at our Life Education session, we madeour colourful giraffes and then after reading the big book, 'The Goat's Coat',we made goats with cotton balls.
Goat's Coat wall display.JPG
Our goats with their Winter or Summer coats.

Giraffe wall.jpg
Our giraffes.

You will need:*Goat or Giraffe template

*Paper plate*Cotton balls if making goat.

What we did:1. The goat or giraffe head and neck was stuffed.

2. After colouring all parts, cutting out and attaching, we stuck stretched cottonballs onto the 'goat' - the paper plate body and on the giraffe,we had written about visiting Harold the giraffe, Miss L., then copied thesentences onto coloured card and the children had tore-order their sentences.

*A lot of our stories were published in this way.