Flower Art 'n Craft Day
Welcome to this page!!!On this page you will find pictures from our whole schoolFlower Art 'n Craft Day!
T1's Art-Work!
T1's Art on PhotoPeach

T1's Art-Work 2 on PhotoPeach

Other Pod's Art-Work!

T1 children began preparing for our 'big' art in Term 3.This term, T1 children produced small artwork to also display.
On this page, you will also find pictures of our children preparingtheir artwork from Term 3 and 4.

Our Elephants:
Our Elephants on PhotoPeach

Our Giraffes:
Our Giraffe Pictures on PhotoPeach

Our Papier Mache Animals:
Papier Mache Preparations on PhotoPeach

Our T-Shirt Prints:
Our T-Shirt Prints on PhotoPeach