Welcome to this page. These are a range of sites I have visited for activities that we use in our classor for information I need as an educator. Parents and visitors are more than welcome(and encouraged) to visit these sites.
I will try to upload more sites as we discover and trial them.
NEW for TEACHERS:As teachers and educators, we sometimes need a 'Pick Me UP' or arefreshing reminder of why we are still teaching. I have decided to add links to 'BLOGS'from other educators that can give you the 'Ahhhhhh' you might need now and then andYouTubes you might like.
Successful Teaching
by Pat Hensley

Anatomy of a Passionate Teacherby Ciaobella 1122

NZ Sites:
A must see site for educators that are thinking about starting a blog or
class wiki and want to know:
1. How other classes have set them up.2. What other classes are posting. 3. What goodies they have found and used!
Please visit the link below to see how other classes are sharing everyday class life!NZ Edublogs Classes and Teachers
*Please click on the 'Logo Pictures' to navigate to that website.

*These blog sites are 'interest' sites for Teachers :)
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IXL With Maths resources and interactive activities using the National Curriculum as a guide.
tki.orgA national resource for mainly educators and also Parents.
nzmathsOur main national maths curriulum
provider, that gives educators
up-to-dateinformation. Resources,
planning and activities
are provided.

StudyladderA homework based website offering 24 hour
access to 100s of activities across all the curriculums.
Interactive activities, informative videos and printable
worksheets. Used by many schools throughout NZ!


Grab My Button GeneratorNot an Educational site for games and activities but a site where you can generate your own 'Grab My Button' widget code.
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BBC Teachers Learning ZoneA learning zone full of resources, topics for Teachers. Also has video clip resources for topics.
National Geographic Young ExplorerA site with interesting books that are read to the children by
clicking on the speakers. This site also gives a range of
information and issues for Young Children to think about.

Activity TVA learning zone that uses a range of video links forchildren to follow along with (an Teachers!). Topics rangefrom dancing moves, drawing techniques toScience experiments.
Topmarks Search EngineAn awesome Search Engine that provide links to many education resources websites.
Woodlands Primary School - Interactive ActivitiesA school that has created many resources over the years. This school has had interactive whiteboards fora long time!
Wix.com Fairytales NewsA website that shows video clips of fairytale events with a 'twist'.
BBC - KS2 BitesizeThe BBC providing links to educational resources for different levels for different curriculums.
kidsnumbers.comFree maths games and resources for kids.
Read to MeA site where people read stories to children. The book and the words are shown also.
kids.yahoo.comA lot of interesting games and activities for children.
Cookie.comA neat site packed full of neat games and activities for pre-schoolers to school-aged children.
Phonics.Play.co.ukA site for children to practice phonic letter sounds.
Primary Resources, UKA variety of free online Smartboard resources to be used in the classroom.
Kids Learning StationA Preschool and Kindergarten website with a multitude of activities aimed at Pre-School and early primary aged levels, across the different curriculums.
ABCya.comAn educational website that covers mainly numeracy and literacy, and also other interesting topics. You get to choose the grade and the activity. Colourful and interactive.
Learning Online through playing a range of games
designed to teach and practice number concepts.
Go Animate!Make videos easily!