We have used this template to make 'Ducks' and 'Chickens'.One of the stories we read as a class was the book'Three Little Ducks'.

Can you see our ducks hatching?

What you will need:*Click on the word.doc to get the template below.DSCF4116.JPG

*Split pins, paper plate, scissors, crayons, glue, stapler and staples.

What you need to do:1. Colour the duck parts and the paper plate.

2. Cut out the duck and wings. Glue the wings to either side of the duck.

3. Cut a zigzag across the top third of the plate (this will be like a lidopening and closing to reveal the duck on the inside).

4. Make a hole in the corner of the top plate part and a hole on the bottom egg third. Makesure the hole is on the same side as the other hole.

5. Using the split pin, feed this through both the holes of the paper plate so now the topand bottom part of the cut-up paper plate is again attached but by one corner only.*The top should be able to move up and down now.

6. Glue the bottom part of the duck to the back of the paper plate so when the top paper plate is moved up, you can see the duck.