My name is Angelina and I am 5 years old.I started at Putauaki School in 2012.
Term 4:My art-work for Flower and Art 'n Craft Day!
Angelina's Art-Work on PhotoPeach

Term 3:

Angelina's birthday card.
Angelina farm animal story for the net.jpg

Term 2:
Angelina Thank You letter.jpg
My Thank You letter to De-Lyla's Nanny Maria, for being my parent helper.

Angelina Penguin 2.jpg
Our Penguin art using crayon, dye and tissue paper!
Angelina observatinal drawing of penguin from photos.jpg
My first attempt at 'Observational Drawings' - I was pencil sketching some penguins.

Angelina and folded penguin 2.jpg
My folded penguin my big buddy from Moutohora Pod helped me make.

Angelina penguin story 2.jpg
My first descriptive story (describing a picture from our Antarctica wall).

Angelina penguin story.jpg
My second descriptive story (describing a picture from our Antarctica wall)

My Simile Statements About Ice

Angelina ice simile statement 2.jpg
My ice simile statements.
Angelina frost story.jpg
My frost simile statement.

My shoes I made after our class read the poem, Lost Shoes by Jill Eggleton.
Our Weekend Recount Stories for Term 2,

My first holiday story I told Miss Lafaelle. Week 1, Term 1.