These activities are for learning the letter sounds and the letter names. Some of the activities are based on initial, middle and final letter sounds and some activities are for children to practice building 3 and 4 letter words. In some of the activities you may see these letters...
C - consonant letterV - vowel letter
Click on the different links to go to the different activities.*Topmarks is an educational search engine for activities and these have been collated from different educational sources.
a, b, c...National Grid for Learning the letter
Fix the alphabet
Listento the letter
Match first letter
sound to the picture.
Match Capital letters to lower case
Final letter sounds sorting
Sorting game
(for p, b, and d confusions).
Flash Phonics
*Letter sounds matched to pictures
Brick Letters for Piggy's House
*Sort out letters to make a brick wall

Between the Lions - Fuzzy Ears
*Listening to letter sounds.

Match the Capital Letters to the lower case letters.

The images used have been borrowed from these websites:***magicpremiumironingsystem***