Welcome to Term 4!Photos will continue to be uploaded as the term progresses.Some activities and topics may change throughout the term.
Topic:Re-visiting 'Animals in Captivity' *ValueThe roles that people take to care for the environment and animals.
Storywriting:Static Images

Maths:Weeks 1-4: Number Operations (as per stages)
Weeks 5 - 6: Statistics
Weeks 7 - 8: Number Operations (as per stages)

PE and Fitness:PE Activities and Skills:
PE Skills:*Weeks 1 - 3: Athletics- Start/run in lanes/finish- Sprint practice
*Week 7: Swimming- Water confidence(move in and around water, head under water, floating, kicking)
Fitness:*Weeks 1 - 5: Folk Dance Dance item(Jump Jam item)
Art:*Click here to go to our ***Flower Art 'n Craft Day*** page :)*Small item artwork for our big Art 'n Craft (and Flower) Day!!!**Remember, all our big art was finished in Term 3 (Phew!!!)