Welcome to Term 3.Photos of how Term 3 activities are progressing will be uploaded as the term continues.Topics and activities may change throughout the term.
Topic:'Animals in Captivity'*Click on the topic title to navigate to our Term 3 Topic Page

Focus Questions:*What ways are animals kept in captivity?*Why are animals kept in captivity?
Values:*Shows respect towards our environment.*Is curious about the roles that people take to care for theenvironment and animals.
Storywriting:Recount Writing:*Writing about interesting events and activities that happened during the school holidays.*Writing about an interesting event that happened during the weekend.T1's Weekend Recount Stories on PhotoPeach
Descriptive Writing:- Describing what animals look like using interesting adjectives/describing words.- Describing what animals are doing using interesting verbs/action words.
T1's Farm Animal Stories on PhotoPeach

Report Writing:- Writing a simple report about a farm/domestic/wild animal.
Maths:Weeks 1- 4: Number Operations*addition and subtraction as per stages.
Weeks 4 - 6: Geometry*2D and 3D shapes*identifying by name and attribute*able to describe and explain attributes(including colours - knowing names of most colours)*classifying shapes according to attributes*copy a 2-4 shape repeating pattern*able to create a 2-4 shape repeating pattern
Weeks 7 - 8: Measurement - Mass*classify objects according to heavy/heavier/heaviest*vocabulary - heavy/light
Weeks 9 - 11: Number Operations*addition and subtraction as per stages
PE/Fitness:PE Activities and Skills:Weeks 1 - 3: Hoops and Skipping*Jumping over the rope*Skipping on the spot*Skipping while moving forwards/backwards*Running and skipping

*Miss L., did not get many photos this time!
Week 1 Skipping on PhotoPeach

*Rolling a hoop and keeping the hoop rolling*Rolling to a friend*Jump through the hoop (like a skipping rope)*Hullahoop around body

Weeks 4 - 6: Small Ball Handling Skills:*Throw up into the air and catch with both hands*Throw to a friend gently (under-arm) - catch with both hands*Throw at a spot on the wall/at the fence with one hand and feet apart for balance(over the shoulder)*Repetitive bouncing on a spot - keep going*Bounce to a friend and friend catches (with both hands)
Weeks 7 - 10: Jump Jam:*Movement to popular tunes (like aerobics)
Whole School Jump Jam on PhotoPeach

Fitness:Week 1: Run with Hoops/SkippingWeek 2: Te Reo KoriWeek 3: Power WalkingWeek 4: RelaysWeek 5: Circuit WorkWeek 6: Obstacle CourseWeek 7: SkippingWeek 8: Stamina WorkWeek 9: Individual Exercises (Stations)Weeks 10 - 11: FREE WEEKS
Art*We will begin preparing art-work for our Art 'n Craft Day, scheduled for Term 4.
Items Planned:*Papier Mache Animals (wish us luck for this one!)*Painted Animals on Jungle background (using pastels to finish and add detail)*Observational Pencil Sketches of a variety of animals*Paint programme/ActivBoard paint pictures to be copied onto iron transfersfor T-Shirts*Animal pillows