Welcome to Term 2.I will continue to upload pictures of how our term progresses.Topics and activities may change throughout the term.
Topic:Antarctica*Click on Antarctica (above) to navigate to our Term 2 Topicpage with clips and resources.
*What is Antarctica?*How can animals survive in a place like Antarctica?*How can Man affect a place like Antarctica?
Antarctica Topic Wall on PhotoPeach

Story-Writing:*Recount Stories:
Weekend Recount stories on PhotoPeach

Holiday Recount Stories for Term 2 on PhotoPeach

Weekend Recount stories
Holiday Recountstories
Ice simile statements on PhotoPeach

Look at the ice melting in our hands. Our warmth melts the cold, hard ice.

Look at our pieces of ice.

Our plates of water and small pieces of ice.

The boys discussing their findings.

Describing Frost using Simile Statements(our WALTs were to use an interesting adjective describing Frost and to also use theword 'like'. Some of our little ones are still learning to use asimile statement to describe objects).
Describing Frost using simile statements on PhotoPeach

#1 Descriptive Writing: Describing our Antarctica Pictures
Describing our Antarctica Pictures on PhotoPeach

#2 Descriptive Writing: Describing our Antrctica Pictures
Describing our Antarctica Pictures #2 on PhotoPeach

*Thank You letters to our Parent Helpers
Thank You letters on PhotoPeach

Maths:*Measurement - Days of the Week,Months of the Year, Hours (O'Clock)


*Statistics - collecting data and making simple picture,bar and column graphs for everydayobjects (eg colour of lunch boxes) and discussing results.
Our Picture Graph showing the different 'types of shoes' children wore to school one day.
Our 'Bar Graph' that shows the different ways T1 brought their lunches to school (including bought lunches and different coloured lunch boxes).
Boys filling in our 'Car Colours' bar graph.
*Number Operations - addition and subtraction.*Measurement - length using non-standard units tomeasure objects found in and out of the class.

Health Topic:Life Education - VIP*Miss Shirley and Harold the Giraffe are visiting our school inWeeks 1 and 2. Our class will be studying the theme"VIP - Very Important Person" learning about self-esteem and confidence.
Our First Life Education Visit for 2012 on PhotoPeach

*Sorry, Miss Lafaelle forgot to take our camera for our last visit! We will have to wait another year until we see Miss Shirley and Harold again! :(
PE:*Large Ball Skills (weeks 1-3)
*Cross Country (weeks 4 - 6)
2012 Junior Cross Country Course on PhotoPeach

The Children Running the X-Country Course on PhotoPeach

*Skipping (weeks 7 - 9)
Fitness:*Follow the Leader (Playground) - Week 1:
*Skipping - Week 2:
Skipping on PhotoPeach

*Partner Exercises - Week 3:*Warm-Up Game: Playing the Line GameThe children start running along a self-chosen line and when the teacher yells out a colour,the children have to run along their line until they are close enough to jump on the correctline colour. The children are not allowed to cross through the 'Green' astro-turf buton lines until they can step or jump onto the new coloured line. We have been playingthis game since Term 1 but have only remembered to bring our camera out!
Playing the Line Game! on PhotoPeach

Day 1 - Learning to work as a team!
Partner Exercises - Day 1! on PhotoPeach

Day 2 - Learning to work as a team (with a difficult task to perform!)
Ready to Start with a Warm-Up - Day 2!

Penguin Art on PhotoPeach

*Folding Paper Penguins
Folding Paper Penguins on PhotoPeach

*Observational Drawings(children attempting to pencil sketch animals from our topic wall)