Welcome to Term 1! Pictures of how each topic is progressing will be uploaded as the term continues.Topics and activities may be changed along the way too.
*Topic: Sunsmart When Out in the Sun
Key Focus:*What does 'Being Sunsmart when out in the Sun' mean?*How can we be 'Sunsmart'?*What can help us be Sunsmart?*Why do we practice being Sunsmart people?
*Practising wearing appropriate hats at school during interval and lunch times.*Identifying shade areas around the school.*Drinking water often.*Use of sunblock.
Link to Sunsmart Schools website with loads of information about being Sunsmart.www.sunsmartschools.co.nz
Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide Song

Here are T1 children preparing props for our T1 Assembly held in Week 5. One of our items was a Sunsmart Song
Getting ready for our Sunsmart item on PhotoPeach

Here is our video!!!

*Rules, Roles and Routines in T1:Key Focus:*Developing understanding of 'Green Card' behaviour in T1 and the School.*Understanding the role of bus tickets, chance cards, award system,consequences for inappropriate working behaviour in T1 class, expectations of work behaviourand general behaviour of a Putauaki Perfect Person (PPP).*Class timetables and what to expect daily.*Developing a sense of familiarity of T1 class routines over the term(on-going throughout the year).*Practising routines and trying new activities in T1 through the use of Habits of Mindwith a focus on...- Persistence- Stop and Think- Listening to others with Empathy
Our 6 Golden Rules that we sing everyday...they help us to remember everything else!

Written Language: Recount Writing (Writing about our Holidays)*Retelling/recalling interesting events that occurred during the holidays.Key Focus:Who is in the story?When did the story happen?Where did the story happen?What happened?
Our Holiday Recount Stories on PhotoPeach

Descriptive/Character Writing:*Describing ourselves, someone we know.*Describing an animal, an ojbect.*Using interesting adjectives (describing words).*Using interesting verbs (doing or action words).

Finished Self Portraits and Stories on PhotoPeach

Describing Cats on PhotoPeach

Describing the Grumpy Cat on PhotoPeach

Our Descriptive Dog Stories on PhotoPeach

PE/Fitness: Fitness: Ball Handling (tennis balls/small ball skills)*Bouncing (bounce and catch, bounce repetitively).*Roll (distance, towards a target).*Catch with two hands.*Throw (at a wall, at a target, to a friend)- underarm- overarm

PE: Swimming*Developing confidence in/under the water.*Developing confidence moving around in the water.*Developing confidence with floating in the water.*Developing confidence/skills with floating and kicking across the pool.
Swimming....So Far! on PhotoPeach

Art: Crayon and Dye mediums*Self Portraits using crayons and dying over with coloured dye (background).- head and shoulders (using space/size of shapes)- face and placement of features on face (using space)
*Use of colour, patterns on clothing/in hair,use of crayon/dye medium
Unfinished Self Portraits on PhotoPeach

Our unfinished self portraits...so far!

Week 8 - They are finished!!!
Finished Self Portraits and Stories on PhotoPeach