Here you will see some of the art we do in T1.Some of our art are from when our Kindy visitors visit our class, from various curriculumareas during the week and our art sessions.

Our Self Portraits, we began at the beginning of the term and had onlyfinished in Week 8 by adding the final part of our story-writing!Yes a very long time but they are absolutely lovely.
Finished Self Portraits and Stories on PhotoPeach

Here is our art from our handwriting planes we created. We went huntingfor the letter 'n' in magazines and circled the 'n' inside words on the frontof the plane. On the back are counters with letters. Some children arepractising either their Christian name or Surname while other children arepractising word families or words or basic sight words. We hope tochange these letter-counters regularly so children get to use theirplanes often!
Our 'N' Planes on PhotoPeach

Our handwrting art for the letter 'Nn'.

We wrote stories about dogs, using interesting pictures of dogs playing, different dogs and we discussed interesting words to describe the dogs we were looking at.
Our Descriptive Dog Stories on PhotoPeach

Our publishing for our Descriptive Dog stories.

We wrote about an interesting photo fount in a Pet magazine, of a ginger cat looking very grumpy whileswimming in the water! We discussed this picture to some length and had some interesting adjectives used to describe the cat.
Describing the Grumpy Cat on PhotoPeach

Our publishing for the 'Grumpy Cat' photo. *Using speech bubbles was due to:1. A big book we had been studying for this week had used a lot of speech bubbles and speech marks.2. The children were very interested in the picture of the cat and had a lot to say!