Sing along to these YouTube songs to 20!

Counting to 20*Number recognition

Count to 20 Pickle Pie

Counting to 20*Number recognition

Army Numbers Counting to 20

The next clips are working on learning each of thenumbers to 20.

Number 11 - Mary Sunshine

Number 12 - Ladybugs' Picnic

Number 12 - New Ladybugs' Picnic

Number 13

Number 14*a lot of small clips joined together.

Number 14*Counting to 14 and number recognition

Number 15*Counting objects and recognising 15

Number 16*Counting Objects to 16

Number 17*Recognising 17

Number 18*Counting to 18

Number 19*Recognising 19

Number 20*Counting and recognising numbers to 20.Number words included at the end.