Welcome to this page.I hope the information you can read here and also download will be helpful,otherwise stop at our Office for any other information you might need.
Our school's NE Booklet that is also available from our school Office.

The basic NE Pack that all our new 5 year old's receive:

**Your child will still get a stationery order list asking Parents to buy a few more books asthe NE Pack does not cover all curriculum areas.
Your NE child will be also given in the homework pouch:
*homework book to be returned to school daily*a set of Pink 1 words (Basic Sight Words - BSW) that will bereplaced as your child finishes learning each set*a set of alphabet letters (Capital and lower case)*a Duffy Start School Activity booklet

Please note, the set of alphabet letters and Basic Sight Words are not to keepbut will be taken out by the teacher when needed. These are resourcesthat take time to create.