On this page, we will feature photos of our 'Making Meals with T1'.This will happen every Friday, where our children will take part in makinga meal using a variety of food.
During our making meals time, T1 children will learn about:*Hygiene - why we should wash and keep our hands clean?*Why it is important to try different types of food?*How are different types of food good for us?*Helping to clean our equipment we have used.
We started our 'Making Meals with T1' in Week 3, Term 3.
Week 3 - Making Fruit SaladWe made fruit salad and ate our fruit salad with ice-cream!Our class had two helpers from Moutohora and Miss Kylie too.
Making Fruit Salad on PhotoPeach

Making Fruit Salad 2 on PhotoPeach

Week 4 - Making CupcakesOn Monday, we only had 4 children in T1!!! Soooo, we decided we would have an extraspecial 'Making a Meal' with Miss Kylie. Afterwards, our children would write stories aboutour cupcakes. T2 children came in small groups to also make cupcakes.
Making Cupcakes on PhotoPeach

Making Cupcakes Part 2 on PhotoPeach

Week 4 - Making Fruit Kebabs with Mousse DessertOn Friday, most of our children were back at school. Our childrenprepared the fruit by peeling and slicing and dicing!They all had turns in groups to sit with Miss Kylie and choose whatthey wanted on their fruit kebab - as long as they had a good selectionof fruit, they were allowed plenty of marshmellows!
Fruit and Marshmellow Kebabs on PhotoPeach

Week 5 - Making Waffles!This Friday, Miss Lafaelle bought (no, did not make) an easy-make pancakemixture and Miss Kylie cooked this inside the waffle maker! Thechildren had to prepare the fruit, set the table, help beat the cream andtake turns shaking the pancake mix - very tiring work!
Once the waffles had been cooked, the children were allowed to decorate theirwaffles with different types of toppings like chocolate chippies, jam, cream,banana slices, maple syrup or golden syrup. The children had loads toeat and of course, we had loads of pancake mix left over so T2 and T3children were invited to come in and top their own waffles.
Making Waffles - Part 2! on PhotoPeach

Making Waffles - Part 2! on PhotoPeach

Week 6 - Making Soup!
This Friday, Miss Kylie brought to school a variety of hard vegetables that the
children spent peeling while a big buddy grated the vegetables as the children
finished peeling them. Another big buddy helped the children
with Miss Kylie, to peel some of the vegetables.
Making Soup on PhotoPeach

Week 7 - Making Sandwiches!
This Friday, Miss Lafaelle brought a variety of toppings to go on top
of their butter-spread bread. The children were encouraged to try different
toppings, especially marmalade (this one wasn't
so successful but they tried a little!). Some tried all different toppings
before using most inside one sandwich!
Making Sandwiches on PhotoPeach