Now and then, 'interesting bits' of interest arise and our normal classroom programme is diverted, and focus is switched. Talking about something a child may have brought into school for show and tell may be better at engaging interest (better than what the teacher has planned!)and our class is swept away with this type of learning.

Not so long ago, I was showing the children the new items added to our class wiki. Usually thishappens on a Friday, but this particular day while getting ready to sing along with someof our letter songs, the children noticed the QR Code that has our class wiki addresscoded into its pattern. The children wanted to know what this was ALL about and so the discussion began. I showed the children how a QR code works and what kinds ofinformation may be embedded into its pattern and where this type of code may be found. We also briefly talked about normal bar codes. We used my cellphone to scan thecode and this was shown to the children. This went on for another 10 or so minutes withplenty of questions. During that playtime break, two of the children had noticed on theirraisin packets QR codes! So now, Miss Lafaelle is accumulating a small collectionof food packages with QR codes!

*Pictures to come.