Term 4:De-Lyla's Art-Work on PhotoPeach
Term 3:
De-Lyla simple weekend recount story.jpg
De-Lyla farm animal story for the net.jpg
De-Lyla wrote a simple weekend recount about her weekend in Week 2.
De-Lyla's farm animal story.

Term 2:
De-Lyla penguin.jpg
De-Lyla with her crayon and dye penguin glued on top of a blue background. A white snow crayon ground at the bottom wth white tissue glued to the top. Googly eyes to finish the penguin.

De-Lyla practising one of her 'yellow dot' activities...
De-Lyla practising her numbers.jpg
....7, and 'teen' numbers to go now.

De-Lyla penguin story 2.jpg
My first descriptive story (describing a picture from our Antarctica wall).

De-Lyla penguin story.jpg
My second descriptive story (describing a picture from our Antarctica wall).

My Ice Statements in a Movie!

De-Lyla ice simile statement 2.jpg
My ice simile statement.

We made a shoe after reading the poem, Lost Shoes by Jill Eggleton.
Our Weekend Recount stories for Term 2,

for Term 1!
Hi. I am De-Lyla and I am 5 years old.I started school in December 2011.

My first holiday story I told to Miss Lafaelle. Week 1, Term 1.

De-Lyla's first unfinished self portrait...Week 2, Term 1.

De-Lyla planned her head and face using a skin coloured crayon. When she had finished,Miss Lafaelle went over the outlines using black crayon. De-Lyla had a little helpdrawing the neck and t-shirt.
De-Lyla made two ducks over two days after reading 'Three Little Ducks' with T1.

*De-Lyla practising writing her name.

*De-Lyla's Descriptive Cat story.We spent two days writing our stories, describing pictures of cats. We discussed basic characteristics of the cat (eg legs, tail), fur colour, eye colour and so on. When we had a list of basic words, we also brainstormed each day, more interestingwords and synonyms. Our publishing day is on Thursday. We published the storiesby cutting up the childrens' sentencs and the children having to fix up the stories, by carefullylooking at the first letter in each word or finding words they know how to read.