Making bears. I have used the templates for making bears for other animals too.I have also read different books with 'bears' as the main character and havemade slight alterations each time.
In this picture, Big Bear is holding his little teddy bear (teddy bear is glued down onto the tummies of some of the Big Bears). We bent the arms forward to appear as if they were holding the teddy bear. Some of the children glued the paws onto the little bears while others stapled the arms from Big Bear to the teddy bear so that teddy bear was suspended and not glued onto Big Bear's tummy.

What this bear looked like when it was finished.

What you will need:*Click on this to get the template for the body and limbs.
This is what the template looks like (I had to make it from word as my scanner had broken down!).

*You will also need a paper plate saucer, staple, stapler, glue, scissors, crayons.

NOTE: I photocopied the bear's body onto A3 paper and had the children foldthe paper in half. The bear's body will eventually make a stuffed pocket.

What to do:1. Colour all the template body, limbs and paper plate.

2. Cut out all the photocopied parts. Glue the eyes, nose,mouth and ears to the paper plate .

3. Ensure the children have their A3 paper with the bear's body, folded in half.The children need to cut at one of the dark line ends and follow on the line to the other end.

4. Staple both sides but leave the opposite side to the fold open.

5. Use all the left over rubbish paper to stuff into the bear's body and a little bit more paperrubbish. When stuffed enough, finish stapling the hole closed.

6. Staple the head onto the bear's body.

7. Glue the arms and legs onto the bear's body.